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My Free Meals Guide Includes:
  • My go-to meals, that are not only simple, but healing and delicious! 
  • Bonus Nutrition Video on how to make "The Swap" 
  • Tips from me on how to eat healthy and get to your goals
  • Meal suggestions and secrets for how I make my meals healthier 
  • Meals that are anti-inflammatory and gut healing
  • Meals that will help you lose inflammation and remove toxins from your body! 
  • Meals that will help you re-discover the joy and simplicity of eating!
In These Meals You Are Going to Discover
Tips for how to eat healthy and get to your goals! Including a video from me on one of my favorite nutrition tips! 
My favorite meals for how I stay lean and make my body a fat burning machine! 
How to make meals that aren't complicated. None of us have time for that!
You were meant to love the body you live in! You were meant to feel secure and confident in you! You were meant to rock it! 
Food can be our greatest source of medicine. I want to help you get back to the basics!
Hey! My name is Ashley Smith
I help women find freedom and healing in their body though nutrition. My biggest goal is for you to find the same confidence and freedom in your body that I have.

Growing up, I had no idea how to eat. I joined every diet, counted everything, and felt so deprived. I never knew how to get to my goals without spending hours meal prepping or counting macros. It was exhausting. I know what its like to have no idea what to eat and want something SIMPLE. I know what its like to feel discouraged in your body. 

I want to help you implement strategies to heal your body through the food you eat! So many of my clients have gotten to their goals for good and have developed loving and healing relationships with their body. I teach you how to make healthy a lifestyle. One that is simple and doable long term!  
Yes, I Want to Know How to Make
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